Yves Cloutier

I was born in Loretteville, Quebec but my dad was in the military (for over 30 years) so we moved every couple of years. I am an advanced certified fragrance specialist and a chef (i have gone to school for both) – also spent some time in university studying history. But for the past 21 years, my life has been dedicated to loving and studying all about perfume!

You are known far and wide as a fragrance expert. Tell us when you first became entranced with fragrance.

I first fell in love with perfumes in my teens when i smelled Coco (by Chanel). The scent captured the sensuality, mystery and sexiness of perfume and from then on I was hooked! And once I realized that there was more than just one perfume in the world, my quest has been to experience as many as possible!!

How many bottles of fragrance do you have?

I currently have just over 450 perfumes – it varies as I go through a bottle, buy a bunch of new ones or give a few away.

You are considered one of the most knowledgable experts in helping people find their own scent. Walk us through how you guide people on selecting the right fragrance.

It will change for each individual but basically I will ask them what kind of perfume do they like (floral, citrus, woody, vanilla, etc.), what they have worn before that they enjoy, what they want their fragrance for (work, play, go on a date, etc.) and by then i should already have at least 2 perfumes in mind to show them.

What are some of the trends you are seeing in the fragrance industry?

After more than 2 decades selling perfumes, i have seen many trends come and go – each one quite fascinating. Recently, though, I have seen a move toward more responsible fragrance concepts and creation. And while floral fragrances have been dominant in perfumes – some fun new blends have been appearing as well as the ability to layer perfumes (mix and match perfumes to create unique signatures).

Tips for men and women in applying fragrance.
You do not need much!! A little goes a long way!! Perfume is a very personal experience and should only be noticed when close by (like during a hug).

You come from a military family and I was so moved that you asked about my inspiration Captain Greene. How has your military family shaped you?

There is so much military history in my family, from great grandad’s serving in the British military all the way down to my father serving over 30 years in the Canadian Armed Forces – a family history I am very proud of! The two biggest impacts it has had on my life is, first off, a greater understanding of the world we live in and knowledge of different cultures, peoples and ideas (its probably what inspired me to study history). But on a more personal level – because we moved constantly while i was growing up, it taught me to be more open and personable with people. I was always the “new kid” at schools so I learned to make friends quickly.

Favourite city in the world?

A very difficult question – i have had the pleasure of seeing a lot of this beautiful world but the city that has, and always will, capture my heart is London, England.

Teetotaler or something stronger?

Iced Tea is my addiction.

Most recent indulgence?

I spent a thousand euros on 5 perfumes at the Chanel boutique at 31 rue Cambon in Paris

Walk, bike or drive?
Drive. I love cars.

Who is the one person in the world you would like to sit beside on a long flight and what would you ask her or him?

Ksenia Solo – my favorite actress. I love her talent and skill in her profession. I would love to learn more about the magic of creating tv shows and movies – the behind the scenes process. Plus, in my opinion, I think she would be a lot of fun to talk to.

What would you tell women who are considering becoming entrepreneurs?

Be fearless, listen to the advice of those who have gone before you and follow your heart – love what you do.

Favourite quote?

“if everyone is thinking the same thing, then someone isn’t thinking”

Last book you read?

Tactical History of World War 1

Favourite cause, group or activist?

No one group in particular but I love to support groups that help families of fallen police officers and soldiers

March 2, 2018
June 7, 2018